Motorbikes perfect for commuting

Amelia Scholey, Brand and Creative Manager, Tuesday, 16 March 2021
Updated: Thursday, 27 October 2022

Motorbikes can be used like any other vehicle and can be used for commuting. Using a motorcycle to get to work can be cheaper, but whether your motorbike is your main mode of transport or you are not wanting to spend a lot on a bike or it’s running costs then one of these motorbikes might be for you. 

Please also always stay safe when riding on your motorbike by following safety tips. 

1. Honda CB500X

As the Honda CB500X is suitable for A2 licenses, it’s also a great everyday bike. So, what makes this a great commuter motorbike? It offers a smooth enjoyable ride which is perfect for city travel, and with a twin cylinder engine it handles the road easily whilst offering great suspension for longer journeys.

It’s designed to tackle any type of terrain you might hit on your commute, with wide turning angles that give great handling and a seat height of 830mm you’ll find yourself riding it a upright position which gives great visibility and a relaxed ride where you feel in control. It’s raised windscreen will keep you protected as well as the dual ABS which will mean you can easily manage the braking force in wet or dry conditions.

There is a clear concise LCD backlit dash that includes: rev-counter, dual trip meters, fuel level consumption gauges and gear shift up indicators.

It’s an all year, all weather, all round performer for any road type. It might even be the best year-round commuter motorbike, but we’ll let you be the judge of that. It’s easy to ride, looks nice and is equipped with everything you need. Better still it’s economical and reliable.

Honda CB500X riding

2. Yamaha Tracer 700

Yamaha Tracer 700 driving

This bike is one of the best commuter motorcycles on the market today. It’s lightest in it’s class, which offers a real weight to power ratio, but it also has a 689cc CP2 engine with delivers a sporty and exciting ride.

With a commanding and comfortable riding position, that has adjustable front and rear suspension, you will be able to handle the road with ease.

As standard this motorbike comes with twin LED projector headlights making it look modern and dynamic whilst also being incredibly powerful for clear vision at night. There is also great daytime visibility with bright LED position lights and indicators, meaning not only can you see at all times, but you will be seen clearly by others.

It comes with an aerodynamic screen that you can adjust with just one hand, making it quick and easy to change the screens height. Above the handlebars you will also have a LCD display that has multiple functions easily operated by a switch in the left handlebar.

This commuter motorbike is highly capable for long distance journeys with a tank for 17 litres of fuel which gives you plenty of capability for a long journey.

If this is the bike for you, then make sure to maintain your motorbike for an optimum ride.

3. BMW F900XR

BMW’s are known for their quality, but the BMW F900XR has much more than that. It’s designed for sporty long-distance performance with different driving modes for changing weather, making this one of the best year round commuter motorbikes on the market.

This bike has a fair few safety features that comes as standard, including BMW Motorrad ABS and Automatic Stability Control (ASC). The dynamic brake control also delivers more safety for emergency braking and abrupt releases of the accelerator as well as sudden downshifts.

You will find on the bike TFT connectivity which will sync with your phone, motorbike and helmet and show you any phone calls, or navigation you need. It also comes with LED highlights, indicators and brake lights and adjustable brake and clutch levers.

There is also an adjustable 2 level windscreen and an easily adjustable seat height ranging from 775mm to 870mm, making this motorbike suitable for people of all heights.

The F900XR comes in 3 colours, has a 2 cylinder in-line engine that can be reduced down to 48hp so you can drive it with an A2 licence.

The motorbike ticks all the boxes with comfort, great handling and terrain versatility you can’t go wrong. It also allows for a wide range of commuter accessories to be added so that if there’s something you think could make that daily journey a bit nicer (i.e. heated grips) you can add those later on.

BMW F900 XR 3

4. KTM 200 Duke

KTM 200 Duke driving

The KTM 200 is faster than it looks, with a 200cc engine it really packs a punch. It’s light, economical and learner-friendly whilst also being incredibly fun to drive. With a powerful single cylinder engine, which is the most powerful in its class, it offers everyday rideability to it’s owners.

With this motorbike you will find it tackles the corners dynamically and feels extremely comfortable even for long drives all on tarmac. It also has a rear shock absorber that can handle any environment that the road throws at it. This motorcycle offers comfort for all terrains and has a well-balanced suspension for riding alone or with another person and their luggage!

For safety there is a ByBre braking system that works with the advanced ABS, to give you a firm controlled stopping ability when you need it the most. It will stop as quickly as it takes off!

On this motorbike you’ll find a 13.4 litre fuel tank that gives riders perfect knee contact for tackling corners but also offers unbelievable long range so you can ride at a speed you want all day long. You’ll also find that the headlights give great visibility for all driving conditions including low light and dark conditions.

With LCD display that shows everything you need to know from engaged gear to fuel gauges and service reminders this motorbike is great for a first motorbike, or those wanting to commute regularly as it offers everything you need whilst the upkeep costs are low with benefits of great fuel economy.

5. Kawasaki z300

This commuter motorbike is a stylish entry level model that stands out from the crowd. It’s compatible for A2 licenses and is a great choice for a new rider.

It’s surprisingly quick for a 296cc parallel twin engine and doesn’t look like an entry level bike at all. It comes in 2 stylish finishes which will make you the envy of people as you drive past them around town.

The Kawasaki z300 could be the perfect motorbike for commuting. It comes with aluminium footpegs, a flat wide handlebar and an analogue style speedometer with a multi-function LCD screen for necessary notifications.

This commuter motorbike is a great bike for economy, comfort and style, offering everything you need in a bike without a hefty price tag. 

Kawasaki z300 motorbike

If none of these bikes appeal to you then why not take a look at our motorbike brands guide to see if there’s something there for you, before you look at financing a motorcycle

Amelia Scholey, Brand and Creative Manager
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