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I wasn’t able to arrange a payment holiday in time, so my Direct Debit payment still came out. Can I get this back?

Sam Wooller, Customer Experience Communications Manager
Thursday, 02 April 2020

If you haven’t requested a payment holiday already, please fill out the payment holiday request form here. Use the form to tell us full details of your circumstances, including that you need a refund of a payment(s) that’s already been taken.

When our team have assessed your request, and assuming we’re able to agree to set up a holiday, we will be able to refund a payment(s) you were unable to cancel but desperately need back, and we can backdate the payment holiday if that’s appropriate.

Alternatively, please call our team (head to our ‘Contact us’ page to view our number and up-to-date information on when we’re available),

or please contact us via our My Moneybarn online portal. Here you can send us a secure message including full details of your current circumstances.