What to look for when researching a car

When it comes to researching your car, you can never know too much. If you're going to make the second biggest purchase of your life, it doesn't hurt to be prepared. We're on hand to give you all the information you could need in the run up to purchasing a car.

Researching your new car

Researching your new car

Researching your new car can be a mammoth task – but it’s one we want to make a bit easier. We’re on hand to give you all the information you’ll need when researching a car.

Already on the buying stage? We can help with that too. We can even help if you’re already bought the car and need some after buying tips.

Understanding affordability

An affordable car means different things to different people. But purchasing a car that is affordable for you is the key to staying up to date with your monthly car finance repayments. So we’re taking a look at what it means to be ‘affordable’ to help you make an informed decision when looking at what car to purchase and how much car finance to take out. After all, understanding affordability and calculating affordability is the key.

What car to buy

Buying a car can be one of the most exciting moments of your life, and it should be! But it’s important to keep certain details in mind when shopping for your new four-wheeled friend. There are some important things to remember when purchasing a car to make sure you make the right decision, which we will explore.

Car safety features

It can be easy to gloss over car safety features or to not pay much particular interest to them. All cars have them, and they’re all the same right?

Sadly not. Making sure you’re aware of all the ways a car can protect you in the event of a crash is key. Are you aware of all the car safety features?


Petrol vs Diesel

As you get closer to purchasing your car, you may discover that it can choose between either a petrol or diesel engine. But which one do you pick? This can be a tough choice, so we’re on hand to help you weigh up the benefits of each and decide whether go petrol or diesel.