Best Specialist Car Finance Provider 2017 – Moneybarn

Francesca Hawkins, Corporate Communications Executive, Friday, 14 July 2017
Updated: Wednesday, 7 September 2022

Moneybarn awarded at the 2017 Car Finance Awards

Moneybarn continues to be recognised as one of the leading service providers in the vehicle finance industry, after being awarded Best Specialist Car Finance Provider at the 2017 Car Finance Awards.

The awards, which were held recently at Nottingham Belfry, are one of the most prestigious events within the sector. Judged by highly-regarded figures within motor finance and financial services authorities, the awards are a significant, sought-after accolade.

Commitment to the needs of each individual customer has always been paramount to us. We’re aware that every case is different and we do our utmost to apply our core values to the unique requirements of every application.

For example, our use of a ‘soft search’ when assessing an application does not leave a trace footprint on our customers’ credit files, unlike a full credit search. We’re extremely proud of this, and several other innovations, which enable us to lead the way for those who would otherwise be unable to buy a vehicle.

Judges of the Car Finance Awards 2017, congratulated the company on win, saying: “Moneybarn hasn’t just succeeded in the non-prime motor finance space – it has become a runaway market leader. Well-managed, prosperous and consummately professional in a higher risk environment, it has earned industry wide respect for what it does.”

Sales and Marketing Director of Moneybarn, Simon Bayley, also commented: “It’s always a pleasure to have recognition of success from within your own industry, and this award is a tremendous achievement for us. We are excited to continue our progress and develop more innovations which can help our customers.”

Francesca Hawkins, Corporate Communications Executive
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