Cheapest job titles for car insurance

Insurance companies analyse lots of factors when calculating the price of your car insurance, including what your job is.

What your profession is and how you do your job (especially if you drive regularly for your company or carry expensive equipment) can have an impact on the premium quoted by insurance providers.

Some types of employment are considered a greater risk than others, which is why car insurance can be cheaper for some job titles and more expensive for others.

Does your job title affect your car insurance?

Yes, your job title does affect your car insurance premium. As car insurance is based on risk, some professions are considered higher risk than others, so insurance companies have to charge varying premiums accordingly.

How job titles affect car insurance

What are the cheapest job titles for car insurance?

According to data from Motoring Research, job titles with the cheapest car insurance are –


Profession Average annual cost
Mechanic £298.61
Administrator £308.44
Designer £312.91
Design engineer £312.91
Account executive £313.37
Commercial manager £313.63
Estimator £313.75
Engineer £314.95
Account manager £315.29
Financial analyst £315.75


The same data suggests the job titles with the most expensive car insurance are –


Profession Average annual cost
Driver £479.80
Chef £420.73
Hairdresser £383.62
Bar staff £381.69
Fitness instructor £381.15
Physiotherapist £380.88
Social worker £372.87
Travel agent £372.72
Midwife £366.19
Pharmacist £364.59

Can I adjust my job title for cheaper car insurance?

When getting a car insurance quote, you can adjust and tweak your job title so long as the stated occupation accurately describes your job. Be as specific as you can be, as this could result in a lower insurance premium.

For example, if you work as a Nurse, you might get a different car insurance premium quote for more specific roles such as: Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Certified Nursing Assistant (CAN), Public Health Nurse (PHN) or Occupational Health Nurse. If you aren’t accurate and honest with your insurer about your job, you could invalidate your cover.

Money Saving Expert have a car insurance job picker which might help you save some money.

Can i adjust my job title for cheaper car insurance

Do car insurance companies check employment?

Insurance companies don’t typically ask for specific employment information, but they may do in some circumstances or when a claim is made. If you aren’t accurate and honest with your insurer about your occupation, you could invalidate your cover.

Do you have to tell your insurer if you change jobs?

Yes, you need to let your insurer know if your occupation changes. Like with any factor that can affect your car insurance (such as where you live or the vehicle you drive), your profession can affect the cost of your car insurance. If you don’t inform your insurer of a job role change, you could invalidate your cover.

What should I do if I’m unemployed?

As with describing your job accurately to your insurer, you should similarly be honest if you are unemployed. Be sure to be accurate though, as data suggests that incorrectly identifying yourself as ‘unemployed’ if you are actually retired, a student or a housewife/house husband, could lead to you paying much more than you should for car insurance.

How can I lower the cost of my car insurance?

For more car insurance tips on how to lower the cost of your premium, check out our car insurance tips guide.