FAQs - Checking eligibility

Do I have to be on the electoral roll for car finance?

Sam Wooller, Customer Experience Communications Manager
Friday, 09 December 2022

Being on the electoral roll is not a specific requirement for getting car finance. However, you might find it more difficult as not being on the electoral roll may impact your credit score.

We’d recommend registering to vote as it’s one way you could improve your credit score. Checking your credit score and doing small things to improve it is one of the ways you could increase your chances of being accepted.

Also, lenders use the information on your credit report to confirm your identity. Not being on the electoral roll might make the finance process slower, because a lender may need other documents to verify your application.

If you’re not on the electoral roll and are looking for car finance, don’t worry. You could join the thousands of customers we help with finance each month. We’ve written a guide explaining how finance with us works. Or, if you’re ready, our online application form will not impact your credit score and will give you a quick answer as to whether we can help you.