FAQs - Checking eligibility

What is the maximum age limit for car finance?

Sam Wooller, Customer Experience Communications Manager
Friday, 09 December 2022

To be eligible for car finance with Moneybarn, you must be within our upper age limit of 70 years old at the point of application.

We’re here to help you onto a better road ahead. You could join the thousands of customers we help with vehicle finance each month. Including if you’re a pensioner looking for car finance.

Can a 70 year old get car finance?

Each lender has their own checks and requirements. That includes lower and upper age limits for car finance.

We accept applicants up to the age of 70 years old. So, for example if you are 70 years, 11 months and 28 days old when you apply, you are still eligible for vehicle finance with us.

We use a soft credit check when you apply. This doesn’t impact your credit score, but gives you an indication on whether or not we could offer you finance. That includes checking whether you are within the upper age limit.

Please note that there are a variety of factors that affect your eligibility for car finance. Find out more about how finance with us works, or if you’re ready, our online application is quick and easy to submit.