FAQs - Existing customers

What charges may apply to my agreement?

Sam Wooller, Customer Experience Communications Manager
Tuesday, 11 December 2018

If you fail to pay any sum due under your agreement on time we may charge you interest on overdue sums in accordance with the terms & conditions of the agreement.

We may also need to charge you for costs associated with any or all of the following events:

  • If you have failed to take reasonable care of the goods, or made modifications in breach of your agreement we may charge you the amount required to bring the goods to a reasonable condition.
  • In the event that an arranged inspection is cancelled by you (within 24 hours of the pre-arranged inspection) or you fail to attend such an inspection then we will be entitled to charge you reasonable wasted expenses.
  • If you terminate your agreement and do not provide the service history required then we may charge you for the reasonable loss in value of the goods.
  • At our discretion we may decide that repairs are not to be undertaken. In this case you may have to pay the reasonable costs which equate to the loss in value of the vehicle caused by the goods not being returned in a reasonable condition.
  • Fees associated with any legal, trace or collection associated with recovering the total amount payable by you under the agreement.

This information is also detailed in your customer contract and our terms & conditions. Please be aware that we may in our absolute discretion vary the charges as described above at any time and upon notifying customers before such changes take effect.