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Barney says: We cannot guarantee that we can approve you for vehicle finance, but we can usually help, even if you have been declined by other lenders based on your credit score.  

Barney says: Definitely. We need to confirm your identity, where you live, that you have the required deposit and that you can afford the monthly payments first though. We will run a credit search on you and if we can approve you, we'll then need some further information about your income and we’ll also run some identity checks.  

Barney says: Absolutely. The only exception to this is if the vehicle you wish to finance will be kept abroad. Our vehicles must be kept in the UK until the final payment is made and the finance is cleared. You can, of course, take a vehicle abroad for a holiday. 

Barney says: Usually we can help. We'll need to run a credit search to determine if we can approve you for finance, but we specialise in providing finance to people with a poor credit history.

Barney says: Yes, however, we will only consider you if you were discharged from your bankruptcy over 6 years ago.

Barney says: Yes, find out more by visiting our IVA finance page.