Bad credit motorbike finance explained

How does bad credit motorbike finance work?

There are many motorbike finance options available, so it’s important to understand your choices.

Moneybarn works directly with customers to provide them with motorbike finance.  We can then talk to the motorbike dealer direct on your behalf to help to speed up the finance process and get you your new bike as quickly as possible.

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Conditional Sale

We offer a type of motorbike finance, known as a ‘conditional sale agreement’. This means you have full use of the motorbike for the term of the agreement and it will be registered in your name, but Moneybarn is the legal owner. At the end of the repayment period, you become the outright owner of the motorbike.

Once we’ve approved you for motorbike finance, the next step is to find the ideal bike for you. We can then create a personalised quote which shows exactly how much the agreement will cost you on a monthly basis (and in total).

Paying a deposit up front

It’s always important to fully understand the terms and conditions and all of the costs involved, before you sign and start a finance agreement.

One way you can lower your monthly repayments is by paying an up front deposit, which lowers the total amount you’ll be borrowing. A deposit can help make your finance more affordable and ensure that you can get a bike which really suits your needs.

When you take out Moneybarn motorbike finance, you will always need to pay a minimum deposit of £400.

How does our finance work?

We only offer finance for motorbikes bought from reputable dealers. Our finance works as follows:


  • Minimum lend: £2,500
  • Maximum lend: £15,000
  • Minimum initial deposit: £400
  • We’ll need an invoice and sales advert from the dealer

What motorbikes can you get on finance?

We can finance a wide variety of motorbikes, which means can choose from a range of quality and trusted manufacturers. However, the motorbike must:

  • Be no more than 12 years old at the start of the contract
  • Have a total mileage of 30,000 or less at the start of the contract
  • Have a minimum engine size of 125cc

Use our finance calculator to get an idea of which motorbikes you might be able to afford.

Can anyone apply for motorbike finance?

We can provide motorbike finance to you, as long as you meet the following criteria.

You must:

  • Be 25 years old, or above
  • Live on the UK mainland (excluding N. Ireland, IoM, Channel Isles)
  • Have a valid A, A2 or A1 UK motorbike licence or a valid CBT certificate
  • Have been in current employment for a minimum of 2 months

Are there any other exclusions?

We can’t offer you finance if:

  • You are in bankruptcy, though we do accept approved Individual Voluntary Agreements (IVA’s)
  • You don’t meet our affordability checks
  • Your bank account doesn’t accept Direct Debits
  • You’re involved in the sale of motor vehicles
  • You’re planning to use the bike for taxi, private hire, or courier purposes
  • The motorbike you want is an import

Will applying affect my credit score?

If you have bad credit and you’re interested in buying a motorbike, you can complete our quick and easy online application to see what finance we can offer you.

We only use a soft credit search, which means it won’t affect your credit score.

If you’re still worried that having bad credit means you won’t be approved for motorbike finance, you can call one of our team on 0330 555 3686 and they will be able to discuss your options and help you get the motorbike you want.