Customer Stories – Adam

Sam Wooller, Customer Experience Communications Manager, Thursday, 18 June 2020
Updated: Thursday, 8 September 2022

I live in Portsmouth with my partner and our 2 Yorkshire Terriers, Riley and Theo. Don’t worry, they both have their own seatbelts for when they are in the car! I work nights leading a team about 30 minutes down the road.

My old car was a bit of a banger, and I desperately needed a new one that was more reliable, especially to get to work. The car was for both my partner and I to be able to get to work, so it was really important that it could get us from A to B with no issues. When we first started looking for a new car, we just wanted to upgrade our Ford Fiesta Zetec to a newer version, but we couldn’t afford it.

One day I was talking to a mate at work about needing car finance, and he suggested Moneybarn as he was currently in an agreement with them. I had a look around at my options, but Moneybarn kept showing up, and since buying my car with them I’ve not been disappointed. They were able to make an expensive car more affordable for us.

I don’t check my credit score, but it’s nice to know that there are companies out there like Moneybarn that are happy to help people like me. The way I view money is it’s a part of everyday life, and so is needing a car. In everyday life things can change, like losing your job, and you just don’t know when this can happen. 

Moneybarn customer Adam

We just needed that chance to get a new car, and Moneybarn were able to offer us that chance. Our current agreement has put us in good stead for the future, so now in 4-5 years we can upgrade again, probably being able to use this car as a big deposit.

Moneybarn have been brilliant. They’ve given us an opportunity to have a nice car which we wouldn’t have had otherwise. It’s trustworthy, cheap to run and just ticks all the boxes. It’s an important thing to us to be able to have peace of mind when we travel. 

We’ve used the car to go further than we would have before, seeing family and taking the dogs out. We’ve managed to take them to West Wittering Beach recently, although getting them back into the car all sandy made us almost instantly regret it. 

My partner also has family all around Hampshire and London so it’s nice that we can finally travel by car to see them. Before we wouldn’t have made any long trip as we wouldn’t have trusted the car! We’re incredibly happy with our car, and it has so much more to it than the older one we had. It really makes driving a lot nicer, and it’s nice to know we can rely on it not to break down or cause too many issues. 

I know that when either my partner or I have called up to speak to someone at Moneybarn, the service has always been fantastic. We’d recommend any family or friend to them if they were looking to finance a car.

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We’ve never had any problems with Moneybarn, everything has been simple and easy. We would definitely use them again and are hoping to when this current agreement ends. It’s been an excellent service all round.


Sam Wooller, Customer Experience Communications Manager
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