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Customer Stories – Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee, Moneybarn Customer, Wednesday, 26 May 2021
Updated: Thursday, 29 September 2022

I live in South Yorkshire with my wife and our very naughty cat called Bob. I heard about Moneybarn from both my friends and family who had only said great things about them. So when I started looking for a new motorbike I started with Moneybarn to see how much they could lend to me. Luckily, I could borrow enough to get the bike I really wanted!

I work in administration for a nationwide vehicle repairer, so in a nutshell my job is to ensure vehicles are repaired on time and to a high standard. I love bikes and working with vehicles, so I knew exactly what I wanted in a new motorbike when I started my search. I went for a Honda 2015 NC750 and I drive it pretty much every day, to and from work. Sometimes on the weekends I also take it out for rides to local bike meetups, so I would definitely say that riding my motorbike is a hobby of mine!

Without Moneybarn I wouldn’t have been able to get this bike. I honestly love it and feel proud to be riding it every day.

As I ride my motorbike so much, I wanted the bike to be fuel efficient. So one of the main reasons I wanted the Honda was because it has excellent fuel consumption, with very high miles to the gallon. It also means that I’m now not spending as much money on fuel so I have more money to spend on everyday things. That definitely makes my life a little easier too.

Without Moneybarn I wouldn’t have been able to get this bike. I honestly love it and feel proud to be riding it every day. I’ve also seen my credit score go up as well, which I guess is down to me paying regularly each month. This has been a great bonus to the finance agreement, and hopefully I’ll be able to get an even better rate next time!

Moneybarn Customer's motorbike
Moneybarn customer Tommy
Moneybarn Customer's motorbike
Moneybarn customer Tommy

Moneybarn were also amazing when I found myself on furlough during 2020. This was a bad time for me and it was a challenging situation, but they gave me a payment holiday which allowed me to have some breathing space to get my finances back on track. They honestly couldn’t have been more helpful!

I’ve had nothing but a great vehicle finance experience from the team at Moneybarn and couldn’t be happier with the service they’ve given me. They have always taken the payment correctly, which means I’ve not been thrown off with my finances and everything has always been hassle free. They’ve helped me to get the motorcycle I’ve always wanted. I’d honestly recommend them to any of my family and friends and if I ever needed to, I’d definitely take out another agreement with them.

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As a thank you to Tommy Lee for taking time to share his story with us, we have sent him some vouchers to enjoy.

Tommy Lee, Moneybarn Customer
Tommy Lee became a Moneybarn customer in 2019, when we helped him get a Honda NC750.